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Australian Volunteers


IMG_20120309_104024.jpgHowever long the distance between Madagascar and Australia, that doesn’t stop two recent Australian volunteers from coming and sharing their love with the orphans here at our center.volunteer, love, affirm, affection, offer, truly, second, chance, life, Family, Centre, waits, with, impatience, whatever, specialty, daily, life, know, important, Family, Centre, Ankanifitahiana, door, always, open


Dear volunteer, I would love to affirm to you that the affection you offer to my 305 protegés is truly a second chance in their life.  The Family here at the Centre waits for you with impatience, whatever your specialty may be, or your daily life, know that you are important to the Family here at Centre Ankanifitahiana, and our door is always open to you!



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